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Forex software widgetForex software gives the trader a wide range of opportunities for fast profits. Today, any financial instrument is considered to be liquid, because the use of proven strategies can increase the income in just a few minutes.

Forex software, Binary or Blockchain exchange of crypto-assets with maximum profit is possible only for experienced traders, while beginners are recommended to practice on demo accounts. After all, it is foolish to use your money hoping only for luck, when you can test all bets using a demo platform system.

What is a demo account?

In other words, a Forex software widgets service with virtual money, which is almost identical in function to a real one. It is built on the same platform, it has the same underlying assets, identical instruments, and the quotes offered for trading are also presented in real time and on the same terms as those offered to traders on a real account.
The only difference is that all transactions are conducted with virtual money, which is available on any demo account when you open it.

What are the advantages of a Demo account?

In addition to the fact that you cannot risk real money, a training platform has a number of advantages:

- you can get acquainted with the features of the trading platform and the broker's offers. Having a demo account shows high professionalism of a broker, which should be taken into consideration when choosing a specific platform;

- You have the opportunity to practice, to test all options of exchanging crypto-assets, binary or forex, about which you have already read on the Internet or watched a video, in order to work out your own strategy of earning.

The success of exchanging assets with maximum profit is made up of several factors:

- choosing the right timeframe;
- selection of necessary market conditions (trend, consolidation);
- correct determination of volume of a deal.

That's why there is a demo account. With its help you can develop your own plan of work and determine the rules of entering the market.
And when you decide to go for a real account, you will have dozens of proven trading strategies.

Are there any disadvantages to trading on a demo account?

A beginner trader, practicing his skills on a demo account, gets an excellent opportunity to learn all the nuances of trading without the risk of losing his personal money. But in case of successful trades he does not get real profit as well, only the virtual deposit is increased.

In addition, those newbies, who stay on the demo trading for more than a month, can lose the "sense of the market" because of the lack of risk. That is, due to decrease of attentiveness and caution, deviate from strategy, which interferes with trading on the real market.

We offer you to play Forex software widgets or install them on your site.

You can use the following Forex software widgets on our site:

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