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Server hosting
Server hosting$450/month

If you want to have dedicated trading server, you need this option! This option allows you to have exclusively access to all your backend services and infrastructure. TTFX will do all installation, maintenance and upgrade tasks for you. You not need worry about how to install, configure and upgrade your software. Also, here you receive Microsoft OS license for you server.

Custom broker web site
Custom broker web site$500/month

TTFX can develop and host broker web site for you, using existing TTFX web sites templates.

This is easiest way to receive web site for you broker company!

MT4/MT5 WL$2000/month

(hosting included)

+ MQ fees:
WL Setup (One time) - $8,000
WL Monthly fee - $2,000/month
TTFX can order legal white label terminals for you Introducing Broker company. You receive fully branded terminals and can start offer trading to you customers immediately!

MT4/MT5 Trade Solution
MT4/MT5 Trade Solution $1,750/month

(hosting included)

This solution allows you start trading under TTFX license and brand name. Its easiest way for get access to trade solutions.

CRM portal
CRM portal $2000/month

(hosting included)

CRM portal can allow you customers do accounts self-registrations, deposit and withdrawal money from his trading accounts with integration with payment providers, see statistics and so on. Its self-service system for you customers.

MT4/MT5 Binary Options System
MT4/MT5 Binary Options System$2000/month

(Server plugin + client plugin for MT4/5 trading terminal)
With Binary Options system you can start offer you customers new era of trading! Binary Options allow you broker company to give more money from your business. It’s easy way to trading that allow you and you customers do more profits!

MT4/MT5 MAT System
MT4/MT5 MAT System$2000/month

(Server plugin + client plugin)
Multi Account Trader system allow you customers link his account with other trading accounts. It’s can significant increase trading volume at you company and give more profits!

MT4/MT5 Web Trader
MT4/MT5 Web Trader $750/month

(hosting included)
Web Trader terminal can add new way for customers trading via web browsers. Not need install any trading terminals for give access to trading. It’s also supports Binary Options and MAT.

MT4/MT5 Mobile Trader
MT4/MT5 Mobile Trader$750/month

(Android and iPhone Apps)
Mobile Trader terminal can add way for trading via smart phones. It’s also supports Binary Options and MAT. Customers can do trading most easies way via his smartphones!

MT4/MT5  TTFX  Trader Terminal
MT4/MT5 TTFX Trader Terminal$750/month

(Desktop Trader terminal for trading with MT4/MT5 Platforms)
TTFX Trading terminal it is great solution for customers trading from Windows devices.

MT4/MT5 FIX Bridge
MT4/MT5 FIX Bridge$1,000/month

(Administrator terminal included)

This is unique solution allow get access to liquidity providers services. It allows your broker company to be insured from money losses.

MT4/MT5 Multi Agent Commission plugin
MT4/MT5 Multi Agent Commission plugin$750/month

(Administrator terminal included)

This plugin can give you way for charge commission to multiple agent accounts at one time. Its fully solve agent account commission problem!

FX GO trading platform
FX GO trading platform$2000/month

(Forex and Binary Options Trading Platform. Desktop trading terminal included.)
TTFX FX GO trading platform its easiest way to get Forex and Binary Option trading services for you broker company! Its fully independent solution designed by TTFX.

FX GO Mobile Trader
FX GO Mobile Trader$750/month

(Android and iPhone Apps)

Mobile Trader terminal can add way for trading via smart phones for FX GO trading platform. Customers can do trading easiest way via his smartphones!

FX GO Web Trader
FX GO Web Trader $750/month

(hosting included)

Web Trader trading terminal can add new way for customers trading via web browsers for FX GO trading platform. Not need install any trading terminals for give access to trading.

Crypto Lottery system
Crypto Lottery system$2000/month

Unique solution allows to you customers offer lottery with crypto coins. Simple and easy solution, not need configure anything, just install and start your crypto lottery business!

Crypto Exchange platform
Crypto Exchange platform$10,000/month

(desktop and mobile apps included)

Full featured crypto trading platform. You can start you own crypto exchange business with this!

Custom Developing
Custom Developing$50/hour

We can customize all our products by your requirements.

MT4 / MT5 Trading server management
MT4 / MT5 Trading server management$1,000/month

TradeToolsFX Trading server management is a service of automated trading technologies, managed by a team with many years of experience in hosting, stock trading and software implementation for forex, binary options and cryptocurrency markets. More info...

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