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CRM portal for MT5


CRM for brokers (client portal) from TradeTools FX, the developer of online trading technologies, are replenished with CRM system, which can rightly be considered one of the most innovative software for traders.

The new version of CRM for brokers allows you to connect any accounts in multi-account mode from any servers Metatrader 5. Connect whitelabel for clients for MT5 in multi-account mode.

CRM is fully customized and developed for any customer tasks. The system works with any trading platforms.

CRM TradeTools FX is a solution integrated with multi-market platforms MT5. Each trader is given access to the profile, as well as all the necessary tools for managing money transfers, deposits, partner system, etc.

Each manager is provided with a White Label, which filters the data available to the manager, i.e., groups tied to the White Label, accounts that are tied to the group, and then all objects are linked to the account.
Huge importance is given to data protection. For example, "unloading" the client base from CRM by a person without access rights is completely impossible. In addition, CRM TradeTools FX has a built-in structure for tracking all trader's data (deposits, withdrawals, money orders, etc.). A multi-level system is designed to form the backbone of traders with maximum performance. The above set of services allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the work of staff by preserving the history of actions. Thus, the activity of each manager becomes absolutely transparent, and individual indicators of employees can be tracked, from the made calls and ending with conversion statistics.

Trader Portal

- View MT5 account history.
- Manage downloads. Ability to upload user files (documents) to the server to provide them to the White Label manager.
- Access to manager downloads (installations, etc.).
- Possibility of replenishment of MT5 account in automatic mode (integration with Skrill payment system).
- Ability to withdraw funds from the account MT5 through the application manager White Label.
- Ability to interact with the White Label manager through the Ticket Management system (for example, requests for certain actions).

Manager Portal in the admin mode

multi-account mode;
- management of managers, products, White Label and file downloads available for traders;
- all the functionality of the manager for all White Label (also in all catalogs available filter on the White Label).

Manager Portal in the manager mode

- View downloads of files for traders (which are implemented by the portal administrator).
- View the documents loaded by traders.
- Viewing deposit transactions  MT5.
- Management of applications for debiting funds from traders' accounts (i.e., viewing, execution, change of status).
- Full access to all MT5 transactions with the ability to edit, similar to how it is implemented in  MT5 Administrator.
- Full access to MT5 groups (as in MT5 Administrator). Users should be prepared for the fact that the solution will be incomplete at first, but as it is finalized and "run-in" in the conditions of real work, it will be improved.
- Full access to user MT5 accounts (as in MT5 Administrator).
- System of interaction with traders through Ticket Management.

CRM for brokerage DEMO:

Admin access:
Email: admin@example.com
Password: password

Manager access:
Email: manager@example.com
Password: password

Affiliate / Introducing Broker access:
Email: ib@example.ccom
Password: password

Trader access:
Email: johndoe@example.com
Password: password

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