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Cryptocurrency exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange is a convenient tool for working with different types of cryptocurrency.

Reliable service, providing each user a wide range of opportunities for trading and withdrawal of funds. The Exchange is distinguished by a high level of security against burglaries, security of each account. Despite the relatively small history, the exchange quickly gained popularity among a large number of users.

The level of security of the crypto exchange.

Each owner of the account of the crypto exchange has the opportunity to connect two-factor identification. Multiple levels of access guarantee the acquisition of the maximum number of opportunities for the user.

Cryptocurrency Exchange1. One-factor identification allows to withdraw up to 2 thousand US dollars daily, provides for connection only confirmation of the e-mail address of the owner.
2. Two-factor identification allows the withdrawal of funds with a limit of 25 thousand US dollars. To pass it, the user must provide his telephone number, residence address, scan copy of the passport, as well as a photo on which the user is removed along with the opened passport.
The cryptocurrency exchange is constantly tested for suspicious activity. The means of a huge number of users are stored in "cold" wallets, which creates considerable obstacles for a possible hacker attack.
The Blockchain system used in the currency exchange system excludes the possibility of hacking purses by 99.9%. This is due to those who need access to the hackers for simultaneous access to all databases stored on different computers of the same network. The process of hashing user wallets data, as well as their private information is irreversible. Even in the event of subsequent replacement of transactions or original documents, a discrepancy arises in the system as a result of receiving a new digital signature different from the original when replacing it.
In Blockchain, any transactions are not considered confirmed until information about them is grouped in special structures - blocks. The structure and information in the blocks follows the rules and can be checked quickly. Each block always contains information about one previous block. This allows all existing blocks to line up in a single chain, which is a distributed database and contains information about all the operations that have ever been performed with bitcoin.
How does the Artificial Intelligence and the BlockChain system in the cryptocurrency exchange? BlockChain and artificial intelligence, will become a technology that will strengthen, transfer the development of financial instruments to a fundamentally new level.

Trading instruments offered by the cryptocurrency exchange

At the moment, users have the opportunity to work with such types of cryptocurrency as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and Ethereum, Zcash and Monero, Dash and Ripple, Augur and Dogecoin, EOS and Iconomi, Melon and Gnosis, Tether and Stellar Lumens, Dogecoin and Litecoin Augur, as well as some others. In addition, trade in Fiat of the following currencies is available: US dollar, euro, pound sterling, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen.

The volume of turnover at the moment is more than 20 billion US dollars. Bidding is conducted for several tens of currency pairs. So the user experience is almost unlimited in the choice of the implementation of margin trading.
All the trusted cryptocurrencies will be present at the auction.

Key Benefits of Work


Wide opportunities

Wide opportunities for Margin trading, available to each user.

Daily growing

Daily growing volume of trading.

Use Bigdata

Use Bigdata to maximize account functionality.


Minimum indicators of commissions for conducting transactions.

No commission

No commission for users to enter the cryptocurrency into the system.

A wide range

A wide range of options for authorization and verification.

A wide range

A wide range of cryptocurrencies, supported by the exchange for conducting trades.


Ability to use a mobile application.


The presence of a user-friendly and intuitive user interface.

Artificial intelligence system

Use of the artificial intelligence system.

Full data protection

Using the full data protection cycle SSL AES128 / SHA256 TLS 1.2 / TLS1.3 and BlockChain.

Margin Trading

The cryptocurrency exchange allows trading with the shoulder, the indicators of which can reach 3.3x and higher. Trade is conducted through the use of platform funds, which guarantees equal margin security.

The client gets the opportunity to enter the warrant, get a loan for the required amount for a comfortable enough interest and for a predetermined time. There is also the opportunity to simply open a position, then the system will independently select the best option for you. More detailed information on margin trading is described on the official website.
The margin market allows you to trade and earn money by financing any of the cryptocurrencies you are interested in if you are planning to trade with your shoulder. There is also the possibility to use the functions of instantaneous income rate. If necessary, all offers of the market will be updated for you in automatic mode immediately after the expiration of their validity.

The types of orders that account holders can use

At the moment, the cryptocurrency exchange has a considerable number of orders, which can be used in a suitable situation for the user.

1. The limit. An order intended for conducting sales transactions at the price or price that you specified, which is the most profitable at a particular moment.

2. The market. This order allows you to carry out sales transactions at prices that are relevant to the market at a certain point in time.

3. Stop. This order is used to sell the currency or close positions on the market after the market price you have chosen has been reached.

4. Trailing stop. This order is necessary in order to quickly close positions in the event that the market price of your cryptocurrency falls below the level you have planned and becomes unprofitable for the user. Using such an order will allow you to minimize losses in situations of falling prices, as well as protect the profit in the event that prices on the stock exchange start to rise.

5. Limit order. Using this order allows the user to completely cancel or fully execute the transaction at a predetermined price. Crypto exchange also has a function in which you can place two orders in such a way that if one of the orders is executed, the second one is canceled automatically. Such a combination of a stop order and a limit order makes it possible to stop losses, to provide instant profit if necessary.

6. The hidden warrant. Such a variant of the order will not be displayed in the order book and will in no way affect the other participants of the market.

Interface Features

The Crypto Exchange allows users to customize their own interface. This will give you the opportunity to clearly and "for yourself" organize the workflow, take advantage of the benefits and functionality of the platform.

Pay attention that the screen of the trading platform is thought over to trifles. Each user has the opportunity to independently choose the time frames that interest him, monitor the patterns of price changes in the market, monitor the Bollinger bands and Fibonacci levels.
Each of the markets represented by the exchange has its own trading pairs and windows.

Support service

Modern users often complain that many cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide user support at the proper level. Often this is due to the large number of incoming requests and the inability to process each of them in a short time.

The cryptocurrency exchange is relatively young. The work of its support service is organized in such a way that it can process requests simultaneously on several channels. In addition, representatives can communicate with account holders in their native language.
Support works around the clock. If you have problems with the introduction of funds, the use of a particular cryptocurrency, the verification of the payment account, you can at any time inform managers about it. In addition, you should pay attention to the questions and answers section, which contains the most popular user questions and extended answers to them.
The Cryptocurrency Exchange, despite its history, is actively developing in the market, demonstrates excellent liquidity indicators, provides a high level of guaranteed security, allows trading on the crypto-currency market and earn income today!

Cryptocurrency exchange interface

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