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Crypto Lottery Engine

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Advantages of crypto lottery!

Fans of such a rally, first of all, attract the following advantages.
HONESTY. The crypto lottery is based on the Blockchain algorithm. The winners are determined by certified electronic services - random number generators with an ideal reputation.
CONVENIENCE. Everything happens online and without additional routine registration.
MINIMUM COMMISSION. Woned funds are withdrawn with a minimum interest and transferred to the purse of the winner without withholding taxes.
SPEED. After the end of the next drawing, the funds are credited to the winners almost instantly.
In addition, a crypto lottery is a healthy excitement and lively emotions, for which the owners of lock-wallets like it very much.

Four main features

Innovations and modern technologies are being introduced even in such conservative spheres as lotteries and lotteries. It has long been possible to become a participant in a cash or prize draw online - it would seem that you can come up with something new here?
With the popularity of crypto currency, the emergence of crypto lotteries is quite logical. These are drawings in which the owners of block-wallets and algorithms of which are as transparent as possible take part.
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You get your winnings instantly
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Win-Win lottery

In this lottery, no one can lose
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The lottery is completely anonymous
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The lottery is completely protected


The future of crypto lotteries is directly related to the crypto currency. As we see, the currency of the future has only gained weight in recent years. The list of countries where the crypto currency is a means of payment accepted by the government is growing.


Popularity and feedback from participants

Launched in beta in April last year, the crypto lottery TrueFlip for two months sold 112 thousand tickets to more than 40 thousand unique users. And this is not the most record result.
In October 2017, the project launched SmartBillions, which released more than 250 million tokens, called PLAY and manufactured according to the ERC20 standard.
This crypto lottery introduced an unprecedented procedure - guaranteed return of the value of tokens.
The sums of winnings in crypto lotteries in terms of traditional currency are estimated at millions. For example, in one of the lottery of the Freebitco.in cash jackpot in January-2016 was 1.46428101 BTC. To date, this record has long been broken and jackpots can be estimated in hundreds of thousands in terms of traditional dollars.
"After receiving a letter from the crypto lottery, I did not believe it at first and thought it was a divorce," one of the jackpot owners wrote. - I thought that now I will begin to ask to fill out some forms and give their data. But the funds came to my balance, which I translated into Blockchain in two hours. "

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