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Market data price feed


PriceBox - innovative market data price feed for Metatrader and others!

Integrated MT4 \ MT5 \ FXGO pricing data feed is an integral part of successful business, since even the smallest delays can change the course of the market at any time. Thanks to the growing list of solutions for the Market data price feed (PriceBox), reputable brokers can provide quick access to reliable market data from reputable suppliers directly to their MT4 \ MT5 \ FXGO platforms, ensuring full transparency of trading for customers.

PriceBox service (Market data price feed for MT4 \ MT5 \ FXGO) arose on the needs of TradeToolsFX customers in the most recent data price feed, providing the most reliable information about quotes on the world's leading exchanges in real time from the world's leading trading platforms.

More than 200 million trading operations and quotes updates per day on 400+ cryptocurrencies, Forex, Binary Options, Stocks, Metals, CFDs, Indices.

Cryptocurrency, Forex, Binary Options data feeds crosses from all exchanges are normalized and recorded with unique sequence numbers, allowing for a retrospective analysis of market actions.

The data of the complete 2nd level gives traders and brokers a full-scale idea of the price of the place.

Supported by repeated duplication, subscribers will never encounter interruptions and will receive instant notifications of technical problems on the ground.

Daily reports include estimated cumulative volume, working value, and opening price / maximum price / minimum price / closing price for each asset at the location of the transaction, so you can rely on this information without hesitation.

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Market data price feed is designed by industry leading experts in Forex, Binary Options, CryptoCurrency, Stocks, Metals, CFDs, Indices. Ready to access? Contact us to get started.


PriceBox suitable for installation in systems: Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, FXGO, NetTradeX, QUIK, NinjaTrader and many others.

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Supports many financial markets: Forex, Binary Options, Stocks, Metals, CFDs, Indices.


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