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uBridge for MT 5 / MT 4 / FXGO

( FIX Bridge or FIX plugin ) with LP integration built-in




We offer a bridge between your MT4 and MT5 or FXGO to any data feed provider in the world and is: Easy. Fast. Affordable.

Our solution provides a reliable bridge between data feed and liquidity providers to your MT4 and MT5 or FXGO at an affordable and fixed price.

We provide a comprehensive solution that is powerful and comparable to the more popular brands in the market place.

Our bridge allows integration into any data feed provider and allows the ability to manage your orders, multiple data feeds, and STP connectivity with a back office application


We can provide FX and CFD data to your preferred broker, or provide one that we recommend.

You have the ability to connect your data into a Price Aggregator along with Consolidation tool to help manage quickly multiple data feeds.

Low latency and high grade security ensures fast execution and low chances for slippage.

The connectivity may be fast, but you’ll still have the time to monitor the quality of the data and prevent abuse of your platform with our Virtual Dealer.

Virtual Dealer

Automate whatever you do not want to handle manually with our Virtual Dealer that comes included with the uBridge package and provides protection from traders who may exploit your data feed when you are a market maker.


ubridge mt5(We now offer Cryptocurrency feeds)

We have been providing technology and custom solutions for the forex industry for 14 years which marks us as one of the longest in this sector due to our reliability and experience. And have built expertise in offering fixed pricing instead of ongoing performance fees tied to trading volume.

Our fixed price includes both MT4 and MT5 or FXGO. So if you are using one or both, you save.
If you are looking for these benefits below without volume fees and additional bridge fees, then we believe we are the right match for your company.

Additionally, we offer to our customers a cryptocurrency data feed as an additional bonus.


Whether you use our data feed and regulated STP liquidity, or choose your own. Our bridge will provide a reliable and affordable connectivity that is competitive with the best in class API.

Choose from +100 Forex currency pairs and +250 CFD instruments to offer your customers. CRYPTO DATA FEEDS
Our Crypto feed connects to the most popular crypto exchanges. You may not know it but the API for Crytpto is public in the public domain, but requires a reliable API and aggregation to get best pricing and ensure best execution.

Fix bridge features MT4:

Work as part of MT4 server

Simple installation process

Built-in virtual dealer

Supporting liquidity aggregation

System messages embedded into standart MT4 server log

Custom build FIX 4.4 engine

Supporting symbol markups

Supporting Market order and Pending, Stoloss, Takeprofit, Stopout activations

Fix bridge features MT5:

Work as MT5 gateway

Simple installation process

Supporting liquidity aggregation

Custom build FIX 4.4 engine

Supporting symbol markups

Supporting PriceBooks (Depth of market)

Supporting Market orders and Pending, Stoloss, Takeprofit, Stopout activations

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